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Edit/delete deleted users rank


I noticed that a deleted users by default get 'N/A' rank. How can i edit or delete this rank? I created a rank for users with null requirements, which gets assigned to new users but the N/A rank for deleted users still remains the same.



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@Inactive User- There are an available setting to display a  username for the deleted users but not for the rank. 

Admin - Users - Profile Defaults - For deleted member accounts, display this username.

You can not set a rank name for the deleted users. However, custom component can do the job for you.  You just need to check if the user rank is N/A and replace it with your choice of  rank name.

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I wasn't a fan of N/A appearing either @Inactive User. I feel it will confuse community members. We removed it so no rank appears.




Seems like an opportunity for Lithium to better deliver this experience. Have both the rank and the username as settings.

I would hate to see a user with N/A rank on my community.

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