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Edit title - first post only?


Hoping this is the right board for this question: Title threads that are meaningless ("please help me!") need to be edited to make them useful to the community and better have a better SEO return.

Sometimes, by the time we can edit a title, there are already multiple posts bearing the same initial meaningless title. So far, we are set on editing all posts title in the thread for consistancy.

Do you know if it is worth the time to keep doing this? As far s I can tell, changing the top post (the initial question) is enough to change the url of the entire thread, regardless of the subsequent posts title. Any clear disadvantage from stopping doing this?

More specifically, is there a clear advantage in SEO to edit all the titles of the thread, or can we "get away" with just the top post?

Olivier Le Pord
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Just do the top post and next time you update your UI hide the title on replies, much cleaner. I doubt it will impact SEO in either case.

We also looked at removing the title on replies with our redesign. In the end we put it back because most discussions span multiple pages and of course some users come directly to a reply and miss the context of the discussion. 


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@JasonHill How about repeating the title as <H1> tag appended by page number then? The only ambiguity introduced here is that per user settings members could decide to show more or less replies per page, so "Page 4" in a thread could mean different depending on that setting. An alternative would have the page title for all pages except the first "Topic title - continued" with the continued being styled in a way to set it apart from the actual title.

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