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Editing a post in a Group

Good day everyone,

I am still using Groups and have not installed Group Hubs yet.
As the Community Manager and a Group Admin, I do not have the ability to edit a reply to a post - why?
Is there a setting I need to make or is this how things behave in Groups?
Is it possible to edit or delete a response to a post?

Thank you,

Community Manager - Seismic Software
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Groups are really just Forums, you should have the same exact options/settings to manage it - Keep in mind you need to use the secondary 'options' on the kabob menu thingy like forums.  If not seeing it anywhere, I am guessing your page quilt is messed up somewhere as if you are an Admin, regardless of any permissions setup you would still see it/be able to interact with it.



Hi @StanGromer and thank you.
I only have the option to edit the original post, none of the replies to it - very weird. I will look into the page quilt. Every other space in my community functions correctly - this is only happening with Groups.


Community Manager - Seismic Software

For those reading the post: I needed to open a case for Support.
They were able to fix a small problem and all is set now.


Community Manager - Seismic Software

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