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Editing post tags

In our community we allow our users to tag their and other users posts. This has help tremendously with SEO and finding the topic our users are talking about. Our only issue is that sometimes we get tags that are either inappropriate, have personal information, or are not relevant in our community. In the past I was able to easily click the post options menu and edit the tags on a post. However, recently when you made a platform update I no longer have the ablility to easily manage/delete those inappropriate tags. I don't know if it is becuase of our community layout or if it was done by design, but the way it works for us now is, if the tag is by the poster then I log in as that user and edit off the tags, if it is working right for that user. If it is another user who tagged someone elses post, I have to delete the post, log in as the OP and reauthor it and block tags. This is sticky in our forum as our users are very mindful of when they author posts. So, this has been very difficult explaining to each of these users as to why their post now shows as being authored at a different date and time.


Our community gets A LOT of traffic so these extra steps make it VERY difficult for our one moderator to manage this type of content. We REALLY need this feature changed back to when it was a simple one to two step process. We simply do not have the time and resources to be doing all these extra steps.


If we are doing something wrong or if there is some better way to easily manage tags we would love to know as we are currently struggling with this feature and this "new design".

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Hey @ComcastJessie nice to see you here!


I ran into a similar concern, with users using a phony CS number as a tag.  Are you able to access this page?


https://[YOUR COMMUNITY URL].com/t5/forums/tagdetailpage/tag-cloud-grouping/tag/tag-cloud-style/frequent/message-scope/all/user-scope/all/tag-scope/all/timerange/all/tag-visibility-scope/public/manage-tags/true


You can go through the list of all tags and delete inappropriate ones.




Hi Jessie,


Thanks for your support on the related idea for editing tags. Have you considered only allowing higher ranked users / trusted users the ability to tag content? You could deny the "add tags" permission for the community, and create roles which allow this permission. The roles can be manually applied or automatically granted when a user reaches a certain rank.

Another option would be if you denied "add tags" for the community is if you utilized pre-defined labels in the boards. That way users could still "tag" content to help with sorting/search purposes, but the "tags" are defined by the community team.


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Thank you so much for the suggestion. I am able to get to the URL you provided and now have a complete list of all community tags. However. I am not sure if it is a limitation of our forum, but there is no "Options" to actiually delete the inappropriate tags. I have the check boxes next to the tag, just nothing else (see image). Is this a setting on our end that needs to be added/modified or would I need to open a support ticket to add that delete option? Thanks again for all your help. 



@ComcastJessie do you have the "node options" menu (displayed as "...") on that page? That's where I can select "Delete Tags".










I am having an issue with this as well. I found the link shared above but there is no menu to take action on selected items. Even checked the markup and its not hidden away anywhere 😞
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Hi Brian, I'm helping Jessie look into this further. Any chance you could post a screen shot of the options you see when you click on those three dots? Thanks!

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No problem @JennyW, happy to help.  Let me know if I can provide any other info.






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Most likely you will simply need to add the "Page Options" component back into the "Tag Detail Page" layout as seen in this commented screenshot from Lithium studio:


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How come the individual that tagged his/her own post does not have the ability to edit a tag in their post - for example if they misspelled something and want to correct? Can this only strictly be done by a moderator or admin?

@mvanpelt ,


Unfortunately we do not have a setting in our Community Admin section that allows users to edit their own tags once they are "live" in the forum. The best way we have found to edit tags via our "Top Tags" page (https: // only allows you to view and edit all community tags and requires the correct permissions to do so. 

Thanks for sharing this solution @ClaudiusH this worked for me. 👍

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Any chance you will support this crucial feature again when editing an article (blog, forum, etc.) directly? Unfortunately, the options via

https: //

is not possible in our community setup nor to use the admin pages.

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