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Editing user defined labels


We are trying to remove user defined labels in the community forums and instead use pre-defined labels.

I noticed that the only way to remove the user defined labels (Under Admin>Features>Labels>Edit Labels) is to manually click each label and delete them. We have more than 800+ labels here and it would not be ideal to delete them one by one.

Is there any way to remove user-defined labels in bulk rather than doing it manually one by one?

When we delete the label, would it be deleted from the posts as well?

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Hi @Laksh,

Unfortunately, this is manual work and quite tedious. Also, when you delete the label, it does not get deleted from the posts automatically. You will have to edit the post and delete the label.



HI @Laksh,
We can also use an API call to remove labels in bulk from the messages.

Below is the API call which will remove all the labels from a message:-restadmin('/messages/id/${}/edit?label.labels=''&${userID}')

Make sure this is a post call, you can only use this API call in endpoints.

give kudos if you like my solution & mark it as solved if it resolves your issue.


Appreciate the replies!

This API call is only for removing labels from the posts. Deleting labels in admin still need to be done manually, right?

@Laksh - Hi,

By removing the labels from the posts using API will remove the user-defined labels from the backend as well.

give kudos if you like my solution & mark it as solved if it resolves your issue.



Agreed...Deleting labels in admin needs to be done manually...No other option.Bit unfortunate it is 


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