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Email Audit

We're embarking on a project to audit and update our existing emails that are sent from our khoros community. This includes things like community onboarding journey, subscriptions, notifications, digests, etc.

In all, we have about 50 emails that I'd like to review. I've exported the emails as TEXT files. However, I'm struggling to think of a way to get them into a format where other team members can review the emails. For example, we need marketing to review the branding, content to review the copy, etc.

Any ideas on how we can get our emails into a format that will make it easy for others to review and provide input?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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My first thought was that you could use the "Send email to self" feature that's available in Studio to render some actual emails - but then I tried it to make sure, and the email that is sent won't actually be helpful to your team. Sample below (from the "@mention content notification" email).


So that's one way you SHOULDN'T do it. 😐

I think probably the best way to do it is to generate real emails - e.g. @mention a test user and then grab the email / paste into a google/word doc. This will be somewhat painful so perhaps someone here has already done this work? 🤞

Sorry to only be minimally helpful!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts @CarolineS! Sending to self was my initial thought, but I like the idea of generating actual emails. It's time consuming, but I'm not sure if I can think of a better way to do it.

It's really painful.

One thing you might want to consider @LeandraN is leaning into custom content. We use custom content for the bulk of the email content so we only have to update it once for all emails rather than do 50 of them.




Hi @JasonHill! Could you please share how you managed to pull in custom content into emails? 

I'm trying to follow the methods, but doesn't seem to work -- ie: ${"customcontent.3_text") (I tried probably over 100 variations and none seem to return what is needed). I tried so many that I started repeating myself and lost all sense... ☹️

@cblown and the team at Hinterlands would be able to assist you @djondinium.





@djondinium The syntax to include a Text Key from Studio Text Editor on an email template is simply ${yourTextKey}, which will require a studio publish.

Email template does not support Custom Content (dynamic), since it is pretty static.



@peterlu you can include custom content inside emails. You can check out this topic for more info. 

Thanks will def. have to check that out !! Have you got this working?

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