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Email Notification Improvements for Khoros Communities


I had a few questions about the Daily Digest notification ('Digest subscription notification [digest_notification.text]') and General subscription notification emails.

1. It appears that our Digest Subscription Notification email will include the entire text of a post, no matter how long it is. Is it possible to show  the first 1-3 lines as well as a link to read the rest of the post in the Community?

2. Is it possible to include images or gifs in the Digest Subscription Notification, or in a General subscription notification [immediate_general.text]? If not, might this be added in the future?

I wasn't able to find the answers to these questions on the Khoros Community on this topic but feel fee to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance! 

Seller Community, Square
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Khoros Staff

Hi All!

This thread has great information that others in the wider Atlas community might benefit from. Would anyone be opposed to my sharing it on the Communities Product Discussions board? I hope to do so early next week, so please let me know either here or via PM.



@AryannaK Sounds like a good idea!

Seller Community, Square

There's actually a function from Apache Velocity (the template engine powering Khoros notification emails) that should allow for truncating. Documentation is here:

According to that you should be able to truncate the body to 200 characters by replacing occurances of



$display.truncate(notification.formattedBodyPlainText, 200)

 Haven't tried it out, but worth a shot.

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Thanks @Claudius! I'll check this out with our developers to see if they've tried it/can try it!

Seller Community, Square

We do this as well, show only parts of the posts and a "Read more" link to the full post. We would though want to send the emails through our marketing automation tool preferably, to get more insights on the usage. Anyone that does that?email.png


We don't send it through the marketing platform but I do receive a weekly report (via email) from Analytics that provides email details.  I think this is relatively new functionality (last year?) but I could be wrong. 

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