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Email Notification Unsubscribes

Hi There - Today there is not a mechanism to pull a list of users who have opted out of notifications. 

Our team does a lot of email marketing to our users outside of the Khoros system and we desperately need a way to easily pull unsubscribed users to respect their notification preferences. 

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Hi we just worked with our marketing team to use the Khoros API to integrate Community users into our marketing systems. The field that we used to ensure we respect member preferences to not be emailed is this one:


More documentation here

Looks like there's also an idea for getting this included in User Reports as a column: 

Senior Community Manager | Strava
Khoros Staff

Hi @Taylor56 ,

SendGrid is Khoros' default e-mail relay set up. However, this can be changed to either DKIM relay or a customer provided relay. The Technical Account Manager will be able to tell you the e-mail relay set-up a community is on. 

You could find more details around  Khoros'  email options in these below link.

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