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Email author of an answer when a solution has been revoked

Hi Titans!

Even if only moderators are usually given the right to mark answers from others as a solution, we handle it in our community in such a way that our top two ranks also receive this authorization. We have generally had very good experiences with this in the past. This makes them feel very valued and they help our support team. Because with the size of our community, our support team can no longer go through all topics and mark answers as solutions. Two thirds of all solutions come directly from the community through heavy users and they can then mark the corresponding answers as a solution. That's why we want to keep it that way. And it helped us to improve the measured customer solution rate of our community every year in the past six years. 

However, now and then we have the problem that some users wonder why they suddenly have fewer solutions than they did the day before. This demotivates them because they do not know which answer is no longer the solution, why not anymore and who does not see this answer as the solution. I therefore revived an old idea that didn't gain enough visibility at the time: 

With such a notification, we make this transparent for the respective user in the community and if he sees it differently, he can approach the respective user who has revoked the solution and ask him why he sees it differently. So the community will take care of it among themselves and we community managers only have to intervene in extreme cases where they do not agree.

I would be happy if I could get a little support and visibility for this idea, of course only if you find it useful. 😉
This idea would also help us with this problem: ​​ Revoke / idi-p / 628016 

But maybe you have other suggestions as to how you would deal with it. Otherwise what we do is talk to the heavy users. That works mostly and very well for the vast majority of the group. But sometimes there can also be individuals who are not so open to feedback and who we cannot reach with it. It would be helpful to know who revokes solutions very often. The audit log helps in part, but is difficult to filter, at least the way we would need it. And it takes a lot of time and effort. Hence the above suggestions.

how do you see it? Do any of you have the same problem in your community?

best regards

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@waldemarhelm wrote:

This idea would also help us with this problem: ​​ Revoke / idi-p / 628016 

For some reason the url broke. Here is the correct url:

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