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Email notification subject character count



Is there any character limit for post title in the Email notification subject ?




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Hi @MounikaNarra


check out this solution here.


The default is 50 character. Since this is setting, it can be changed.


hope this helps.




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Hi @MounikaNarra,


The context object $notification.message.subject displays the title of your post. And the maximum number of characters allowed for your post can be controlled by the Admin here:  Discussion Styles -> Posts & Topics -> Posts Display -> "Maximum number of characters in subject". The default is 50 characters.


Hope this helps!





Thank you for your reply 🙂


The maximum character limit for subject is default 50  for posts/topics in the community and if I change the default count from 50 to 500 I am getting the following problem.

when I post a topic with long title(with 400 characters), at email notification the title is truncating, not in the community UI.

so,Is there any characters limit for title/subject in Email Notifications?








Did you check after how many characters, the email subject is being truncated? You may want to try this by giving post titles of different lengths.

@MounikaNarra - I have tested this myself, and I have observed that the maximum number of characters in the email subject (including the ellipsis) is 255. The subject is being truncated after 252 characters and appends the ellipsis (...).


Hope this helps!

The visible length of subject lines varies by the device the email is viewed on but some email clients do limit the subject to a maximum of 255/256 characters, which may be the case in your example.

Regardless, the viewing size of a users screen should be considered when altering the subject length as most devices will only show 50-70 characters before truncating or wrapping. If you have a lot of mobile users they are definitely not going to see the entire subject line in their inbox.

What is the reason for the really long subject lines? I like the 50 character limit as it forces users to be succinct, the body text is where the detail should lie.

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