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Email templates and gmail


We recently edited our email templates to include a logo and copy write info, both are png images.  When emails are sent, gmail does not display them, instead it displays  "Images are not displayed. Display images below - Always display images from"

Clicking Always display images shows the image, but a refresh reverts back to the above included text. Gmail settings are set to always show images.  This too does not work.  Researching, some say host the images on google drive or a trusted image website.  Others say they have fixed this by including alt, title and size tags.  Have tried the tagging does not work and we do not want to host our images on another website.

Looking to see if others have encountered this and if there is a way to force the image to always display in emails sent to our members using Gmail client.



System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya
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There are a number of issues with Gmail and images in community mailers. In a B2B context, we ran into a lot of problems that were caused by the global settings put in place by IT departments around security. Many of our emails were flagged to recipients as spam or potentially dangerous, but there is little you can do about it.

Not sure if this is still true, but Gmail didn't support .svg images, which meant that we couldn't have the highest quality visual assets (badges).

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