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Email to a Friend Results in 404 Error

When you navigate to a post, choose the Options menu, then select Email to Friend, the friend finally receives the email 30+ minutes later and the link in the email returns a 404 error.  Even Administrators of the Community get a 404 error so it doesn't seem to be a permission issue.


Also, I don't see this email template as an option in Studio> Email Text to review the html.


Does anyone else have this problem or see this template in the Email Text section in Studio?

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I just tested it on your post, and it seemed to work fine - I got the email immediately, and links all opened to this post properly.

What URL is it showing in the emails being sent out from your community that fail with a 404? I'm lost on what link it could be providing that would cause a 404 - It should just be a direct link to the article.

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