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Embedded image not seen when logged into account but when logged out

Hey there,


I made the mistake and posted in the support board so I post here again as I think it is the correct place (sorry!)

Following situation:

I have a user who when being logged in cannot see any embedded image on the platform. Once logged out the user can see all images. There is nothing literally in the basic roles which prevents the images to be seen as they are quite standard.

My question here for everyone as I definitely have seen it in the past but cannot recall the solution: 


Is there a permission that needs to be changed that embedded and posted images inside of a post can be seen / not being displayed? Or any other configuration?



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@KhodrT, no worries about posting it in the support forum. I'll make the necessary changes to that post. 

The permissions are required only to upload the images. If a user can't see an image, then it might be in the Hidden Album. They could also try viewing rejected images. 

You could refer to the below articles:
View Rejected Images
Personal image galleries/albums 

Please let me know if the user is still facing the issue. I'll help you with creating a support ticket to investigate this further. 


Thanks @MohammedF - that´s the interesting thing; we allow for all users images to be embedded and dont officially show the album configuration in our UX. Nevertheless only for this one user, where the permissions are set correctly when being logged in only the user doesnt see ANY image embedded anywhere on the whole platform. 


I am puzzling my head around that if there is any further guidance I am happy to get seriously. 🙂 As the user is one of or big blog contributors and it is somehow really off that the user can only check and see the images uploaded and embedded into the post when logging out. Also could confirm that and emulating the account and literally it is that user only so far. 

@KhodrT seems like we will have to investigate this a bit further so I have passed on your query to the support team. Our support team will investigate and get back to you. 

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hello @KhodrT ,


As discussed in the case - the issue for this particular user was resolved. Just for the record in case anyone else sees the same problem - the issue was happening because the user has checked the "Ignore HTML" option in:

My settings > Preferences > Preference Options;


Please, let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


Kind regards,

Thank you! Really makes logical sense when thinking about it HTML being ignored to not see embeds who are based on HTML. But it is the last thing you check as I definitely was going through roles and permissions before 😄 


Glad it was such an easy solution actually!

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