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Enable Kudos on TKB Articles

This is probably a simple solution, but I haven't been able to figure it out. How do you enable kudos on a TKB article? I've figured out how to enable kudos on COMMENTS of a TKB article....but not on the article itself. Any help? 



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This helps. It seems to still not be working for my particular community. I wonder if I've made some sort of change  on my Studio instance that is preventing those kudos from showing. I can get them to show for the comments but still not for the original article/post. 

I'll see if support has any answers. Thanks, @VarunGrazitti 


This thread is years old, but I'm having the same problem! No ability to kudo TKB articles is showing up even though we have kudos turned on. Guess I'll file a support case.

@CarolineS Likely, Its missing from your quilt. I have no idea why, but out of box it’s missing from them and/or for some customers it’s missing (I had same problem). I had to manually add the component (Pretty sure you can just steal the component from something like blog or forum topic quilts). 

oooh nice, i'll look into that! Seems like a bug that the kudos button wouldn't be included by default in TKBs,... since there are admin controls to turn it on or off. Sigh. 

@StanGromer you were spot on; here's the info I received from support:

I want to inform you that by default "kudos" button is not on the page in the studio for TKB. But, you may add to the "Tkb Message" Page in Studio > Page > TKB Message. Though this will only add the Kudo button to the root post.

In case, you want it to be enabled for the comments as well, then you may add the same component id to "TKB Reply Message". If the kudos button still doesn't show up for comments then you may need to uncheck the below setting for respective tkb's and then it will work for tkb comments.

For Tkb's below setting is enabled by default: Allow kudos only on top-level posts in discussions 

Too lazy to insist w/ support that it's a bug that the kudos button isn't included on the default quilt (especially since there are configuration options in admin that don't work unless you edit the quilt!)! If the bug carries over into Aurora I'll probably file something 🙂

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