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Enterprise Search tool implementation

Hey guys, we are working to implement a enterprise search tool- something possibly like Coveo. Before we get into the thick of that project i'd love to hear-

  1. Have you done this at your company -what tool? 
  2. were there any helpful things to know before implementing OR findings during implementation? Good, bad, etc? 
  3. Are you overall pleased with the product/implementation?


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Hi! We're running Coveo here at NetApp. Community results are available on our www site and some of our internal ones. The Community itself uses the built-in search functionality.[Community]

Coveo has a "lithium" connector built-in, so setup is easy. Just create a community service account with access to the content you want to have indexed. You can switch to the service account to validate that hidden/internal content isn't visible.

Be aware of your Billable Application Calls on Khoros, as the API interaction from the Coveo crawler may cause some concerns there.


Community Manager \\ NetApp

Hey Drew- I'm fairly certain I was involved at that project when i was at NetApp myself LOL. 

It's just been YEARS and needed to get a refresher on issues, potential road blocks etc. 

Super helpful input and also as a working example too for us!! 




We used Coveo at Anaplan. I loved the tool. It’s an absolute beast though, and years later I only scratched the surface of what all it can do. It’s so much beyond search is my point I guess, but just as a search tool alone it’s wonderful.

Know out box the connector as mentioned above does not handle role based search though. This is a big deal if you have any roles that lock content away including group hubs - Actually, I don’t think group hubs show up at all in Coveo but I could be wrong? Closed and hidden groups though for example are useless you go with a solution like italent offers which they build out to offer said role based search.

tldr I love coveo. I miss using it. 


@StanGromer Thanks for the response!

we do have content and areas hidden for certain roles- partners and internal. Are you saying that coveo is only able to search for content with no roles association? For example,  it might not be possible for a Partner to see those partner areas/content? 

Thanks for this insight! 


@akloepfer Coveo doesn't index any content that is private, so in that sense you would be safe/secure. It's more the fact if you have an entire "Partner" section of Community that only those with the role of "Partner" can see, none of that content would be indexed in your search.  Similarly if you have any Employee or Moderator sections, those boards would also be completely hidden away from Coveo.


I came looking to see if Coveo supported Events well - seemingly not supported at the groupHub level when using the direct URL method to index GroupHub content. (still testing/figuring) but...

...figured I'd let y'all know that recently Coveo was upgraded and is now able to return 'user-based' (permissions based) content. I haven't tested this yet fully though. FYI

Pretty sure it's GA in like Oct 2022?


Here is a conversation where people shared Coveo and SearchUnify for federated and enterprise search tools.  You may be able to find information here as well from users' experiences.


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