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Escalate Posts to SalesForce Case

Is there a way users can escalate a post to a Salesforce case?  We have SF connector.  I also found an article where you can escalate but it turns into a draft article in SF. 

It'd be really awesome to have the escalate button take users to the new case form and have the post body automatically added to the case description and the subject to the case subject field and they complete the rest of the fields in the new case form.

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customisation will be required here. If you have in-house development team, I can help you out to achieve this. If you do not have in-house Khoros developer, You can reach out to 
a) Khoros support team 

b) Third Party Vendor


Give kudos if you find my posts helpful or mark solution if it answers your query

Thank You!  We do have in-house developers.

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