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Events Not Displaying in Calendar

We are new to the Events feature, but we're noticing Events are not appearing on the calendar view for some users.  They can view it in the list view.  I can view it when I impersonate their accounts. Clearing the cache resolves it for some users, but not all.  

So far, the issue is in Firefox and Chrome.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi @jamiemccardle, seems like a bug. Could you please file a support ticket with the relevant details so that our support team can investigate and help?

@jamiemccardle @MohammedF  was there a solution here?


We are coming across this in our community. However, it's for me with all permissions set up correctly. I am able to see the list view on our staging portal but not in production.

@brittanycarmona checked with the support team and it is a bug reported by some of our customers and our Engineering team is working on fixing this. 


This is happening to us as well!

Hah - Yet again why I wish Khoros would start publishing known issues. As I wasted a ton of time trying to figure this out, and poof, turns out it is a bug.

This is where I never know if I am supposed to open a bug report as well so the team understands the severity of it, or if it's a waste of my time.

I agree, perhaps we can be updated more promptly when there are known issues.


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Everyone, We have fixed this issue and it will be available in 22.4 release.


@NoorS Yall haven’t yet announced 22.3 (I get lost if you even do or not anymore), but I assume 22.4 is two months away still? If we’re stuck waiting that long can we get more insight about what exactly is the bug, who/how it impacts users in our communities, etc so we understand if we can work around this somehow or we’re just stuck? Again I echo my own point earlier Khoros seems to completely miss how large a deal this is for us. Fancy calendar is entirely the reason we were planning to roll this functionality out next month as we have… or had… a community wide calendar planned.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @StanGromer 

We completely understand your concern.

Although single day events get fully reflected in the calendar view, but, we found that sometimes multi-day or multi-month events with future end dates were not getting fully reflected in the calendar view. We took this on priority and have fixed it now. Our priority remains to get this to the customers at the earliest.


@NoorS  Awesome, thanks so much for the detail! Can't believe I didn't even notice that, but I scheduled everything as month long events in my sandbox so they stay active, didn't even try to do a single day event, hah!

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