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Examples of Ideation "in product"?


I'm hoping to find a couple of people who are using Lithium Ideation successfully with customers. Currently, we're using Ideation to collect customer feedback. We've used a third party to create a widget in product to collect feedback and drop it into the forums as customers are working in their account. It does it's job but as always, there is room for improvement.


In 2015 I'm looking to get both the widget and ideation boards redesigned. I'm less worried about the board as I know my options but I'm struggling to find examples of something like this within a product. Does your business collect feedback right from customers? What is the workflow like for them? What "terminology" or design aspects have you found successful? Do you have an automatic window popup or a floating button on the side of the webpage?


While you are at it, do you have any suggestions for improving a feedback forum using Lithium? We're a large software company and at the max were seeing about 125 ideas a day. We've decreased some which is why we're looking to re-design now.


Ideas, advice, and links are appreciated! 



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Lithium itself is using IDEATION quite successfully. Have you been able to check that out. Or do you mean something different?
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They have an Ideation board but how is that integrated with their product? Can you attach a screenshot? 

Hmmm maybe I am not getting it. Can you describe a little more when you say "integrated with the product". What are you invisioning?
Learning from others and helping where I can!
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We offer software as a product so a customer logs into an account and works within our software. We've got a Feedback button, very simple, on almost every page. When clicked, this launches an overlay window that is asking the customer to leave their feedback. Currently the overlay window is simple but boring. It just says "Leave your feedback" and has a drop down for the customer to "label" their feedback. They have an area to type and then submit. They do get a confirmation page that offers a link to see their post in the Community if wanted. 


I'm looking for ideas of what to include on the overlay window to help customers leave the right information and help the Community have the right information to explain the idea. 

It makes a huge difference if the product management team buys into the Ideation process. We use the IDEAS section for our software and hardware products, and the product managers continuously review the Community, integrate ideas into the development process, and flag ideas that come from customers so that we can circle back with them when their idea is implemented. Obviously, sometimes this happens quickly (weeks) and sometimes longer. All ideas are reviewed with selected customers under NDA to review them and refine them prior to implementation.


Even if the same idea comes from within, we celebrate the idea and its development with the customer.

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