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Examples of .com using ActiveCast


I would love to hear from other communities that are using the ActiveCast feature to showcase community content on their corporate/hq website. 

We currently have created a customised component in our website (sitecore) that pulls community TKB's using Labels. 

I would like to also feature 'Accepted Solutions' in a similar way. 

The overall aim is to showcase support content and self-service help on key pages of our website where users need specific help by topic. (And increase awareness of our community through this content).

Also, is there an update on when this is available to that users can interact on the website using the component rather than it being static and you have to return to Community to comment or like?

Examples of your website would be grand to see how you are using this feature for forum posts and/or TKB's. 


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Hello @syork

I do not have much to add here to help with examples (although I would be interested in seeing some as well); however, I was wondering if you might have a link to share showing how you use sitecore and TKB's/Labels and any information that you might have around how you implemented it and if you are looking for this as a better/different way to do what you are already doing. 



Samantha O'Connor
Community Manager

I'll help as much as I can 🙂

Here is a page where we surface Community content as 'FAQs' on the botom of our web content. We have built a component that pulls the content through. Some pages manually pull through the URLs if I provide them to the webteam. But for most pages, anything that has a label 'FAQ' and their page identifier (in this case we use the label 'Outage'). The component knows to look for these two labels and pulls up to top 5 articles (typically most viewed). So, our Community uses Labels as ways of organsiing ourselves and tags for users etc 

Community is seen as a flexible and fast solution to publish content and provide self-service information. We agreed to show the full content on the website for a better user experience to give users info they need in the channel they are in - then if they need more info they come to Community. I really want to show solved answers to start socialsing community content more across our digital channels to help users with relevant content when they need it and grow awareness of our community organically. 

This is awesome, @syork!  Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it.  

Outside of ActiveCast, you should be able to do a similar implementation with solutions. There is an "is_solution" field that you can use for SELECT in Community API v2. If you come up with the API call, it should be very similar to what you have for the FAQ part of your Community. 

It doesn't look like ActiveCast currently has a solutions component, so this may be the way you need to go. More info here on the available components.

If you attended CX Live, they did mention they were going to be focusing on syndication of content across platforms in 2019 and expanding what is offered along the lines of ActiveCast (from my understanding at least). That is something that I am looking forward to hearing more about and looking into more. 🤞

Samantha O'Connor
Community Manager

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