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Export TKB Articles?

Is it possible to export a TKB article, instead of having to copy and paste into a word document, for example? I know it's possible to export a list of all articles on a knowledge base, which is helpful, but I can't see any option to actually export an article itself. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Khoros Oracle

Forgive me, but I am not entirely sure what you mean by 'export' in this context.  How many articles do you want to export and why?

Copying and pasting is one way of grabbing an article and posting (or saving) it elsewhere.  However, if you wanted a mass-export, you would use the API and export everything in an XML or JSON format.  

Maybe if you can describe your use-case in a little better detail, I might have some additional suggestions.

Hi @JakeR 

I would be looking to export a large amount of articles (approx. 100-200 but not totally sure of the number yet). This is due to a system upgrade the company is doing that will result in changes to systems and processes, and therefore will mean lots of changes to article content also. 

Therefore I was wondering if it was possible to export the actual content of the articles quickly, as opposed to going into every article individually and copying and pasting the info into a word document.

Hopefully that makes more sense and helps you understand what I'm looking for?



Yeah it's possible but a bit of work:

  1. Enable csv export of search
  2. Enable blank search (support need to do this)

Once this is live you can do a blank search across your community then filter by TKB, this will give you every TKB on your site, then simple export to CSV. 

The export will take a little time but you'll get a PM once the job is done and you can download the export. 

The file will content all the meta data for the TKB along with the body in plain text and the body with HTML code. 

It's not ideal but you could then use a Word's mail merge tools to build each article as a work doc from this data set but personally i'd just work from the spreadsheet or put it in an access db if you've got  lots of people using it and making changes. 

Hope this helps!


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