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Exporting PMs

Hi everyone, 

Is there an easy way to export PMs? Or would this need to be done manually by copying message by message and then piecing them together to form the convo. 

I'm looking to pull down all messages in a PM conversation and have them show in the chronological order as the full convo. 



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Hi @Sorcha As far as I know this is not a functionality available So yes you’re stuck with copying pasting, but I  do know that Khoros plans to improve the editor and have more of the threaded messages in p.m., (similar experience to standard mail clients like Outlook) which makes it more easier to export the conversation I think you still need to copy and paste though.

Do you mind me asking what you’re trying to achieve? Or what the use case is? Perhaps there is a customized solution out there


Best of luck!

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Thanks @Wendy_S  🙂

Unfortunately I can't go into why we need to, but the idea is to be able to show a conversation with staff from start to finish in chronological order. I managed to get a workaround for it using the search function within PMs and then opening them all in the correct order. 

Time consuming, but it worked!


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