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Exporting Value Analytics - How to get it into an Excel file

Good day everyone,

I am doing some testing of Value Analytics and trying to export some test data. It does not default to a spreadsheet (why), and I cannot choose Excel as the program to read the file.

Is it possible to default to Excel?
What are you using to open the file?

Thank you,


Community Manager - Seismic Software
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Heya Toby, 

I'm using MacOS so I open the CSV using Numbers, as well as Excel (2016 edition). 

Excel, and this might be specific to the 2016 version is a little cranky I've found on MacOS. If you click the CSV file Excel doesn't do anything...

When this occurs close Excel completely, open it again and select a blank sheet. After doing this click on the File menu and you should see a Import option. Select that followed CSV and finally pick the Value Analytics CSV export file. 

If prompted, the options I select in the Wizard are: 

  • Delimited
  • Start import at row: 1
  • Delimiters; Check Comma only
  • For Column data format, I use text for all with the exception of any date fields where i select Date: YMD. 

Numbers opens and renders the CSV successfully but I prefer Excel myself. 

As per setting the default app to CSV files it depends on if your using MacOS or Windows. Google will produce a lot of results if you search for 'How to open CSV using Excel by default on Windows/Macos' 

I hope this helps! 



Hi @tyw Thanks for the reply.

The snag I have is that I don't have an option to export via CSV - I get options like Word or Notepad - neither good for sorting data. How do I get it to export to CSV?

Thank you,

Community Manager - Seismic Software

Thats weird, you should be given a CSV file when you use the export option. 

Can you confirm the following

  1. Sign into your community
  2. On the footer, or whenever you might have linked to it go to Lithium Social Intelligence
  3. Click Members followed by Value Analytics
  4. Click on the gear icon in the top right (below the date filter), select Export (CSV)

On my computer this results in a CSV being downloaded - the filename is:

  • 2019-06-04-083205.Surveys.3.2019-05-03-2019-06-03.csv 

If the CSV file isn't being downloaded I would try another web browser to rule out any browser extensions that might causing an issue. 

One question, when you said "The snag I have is that I don't have an option to export via CSV - I get options like Word or Notepad - neither good for sorting data. How do I get it to export to CSV?

I assume you're using Windows since you mentioned Notepad.... is this appearing after you click on the downloaded file?

If so your PC is saying I don't have an app to open CSV so you'll need to manually specify one. This screen is from Windows 10 but using More apps should allow you select Excel if it's installed.

If you don't have Excel a free option to view CSV files you might want to check out is LibreOffice



I hope this helps!



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