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Exporting a daily list of unanswered topics

Hi All.

We'd like to make unanswered topics more visible to our superusers.

We do have some nice customized pages created for this with filters for unanswered topics and also a time filter

but the issue here is that it does not provide all the information experts are looking for.

So now I am thinking, what if we could have 1 location in a cloud environment for example, like a google sheet or something like that and publish information there on a daily basis. For example, every day the file would be updated with topics without replies, the topic date, the author, the product/os information, the location/board within the community etc.etc.

Once a post is replied to it would dissapear from the list as it no longer matches the criteria. Better yet, could we do something like this as a customized page in the community. 

Or, could we use Tableaux public for this?

I am a bit in a brainstorming mode but the objective is to make it easier for experts to help answer more questions by enabling them to have access to the list of unanswered topics that allows them to filter and narrow down to their area of expertise and personalize/save their view so they can return to it when they want.

Has anyone ever tried something like this or something similar?

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!
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