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Exporting/downloading list of all registered users

Hello Everyone, 

Can someone tell me how I can export/download the list of all registered users of our community? 

Also, is the number of total registered users visible somewhere in ADMIN? If so, where can I find it?

Thank you!

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There are two places to download the list of all registered users:

(1) Admin > Metrics > User Reports

(2) Community Analytics > Members > Bulk Download Member Data

In Admin, I don't believe there's a place to see the number of registered users. You can go to the User Report & multiply the number of pages in that report by 30 (since there are 30 per page), but that's the only place I know of.



Thank you very much Caroline! I just tested both options you've mentioned and was able to pull the lists/reports. Have a wonderful holiday break! 🙂

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