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Exporting/downloading list of all registered users

Hello Everyone, 

Can someone tell me how I can export/download the list of all registered users of our community? 

Also, is the number of total registered users visible somewhere in ADMIN? If so, where can I find it?

Thank you!

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There are two places to download the list of all registered users:

(1) Admin > Metrics > User Reports

(2) Community Analytics > Members > Bulk Download Member Data

In Admin, I don't believe there's a place to see the number of registered users. You can go to the User Report & multiply the number of pages in that report by 30 (since there are 30 per page), but that's the only place I know of.



Thank you very much Caroline! I just tested both options you've mentioned and was able to pull the lists/reports. Have a wonderful holiday break! 🙂



When I do this step "(2) Community Analytics > Members > Bulk Download Member Data" I have to choose date range. And what should I put as date if I want to se all registerd users? When I put today I only se a few members and not all of them. I want to know the exact registerd users as per today and also want them in Excel. If I go to (1) Admin > Metrics > User Reports I could count but I don't think this number is correct. 


Hi @EbbaArvén!


It would help if you chose the date range for the duration you want to see the registered users. If you select yesterday's date, it will only show the users who registered yesterday. Likewise, selecting the date range for a month will show the users registered for that month. 

If you see a mistake in user reports, I'd recommend creating a support ticket so the support can investigate and help. I can create a support ticket for you if you would like. 

Hi @EbbaArvén

I'd recommend Admin > Metrics > User Reports as the best way to get ALL users. You can download the full list from there. I believe this list only shows "fully registered" users - users who went through the entire process and created a username (instead of stopping somewhere in the middle of the process e.g. signing in with SSO but not creating a username). That may account for differences in numbers between this and the Bulk Download Member Data (but not 100% sure on that)


Thank you so much, this was very helpful! 


Thank you so much. 

I have created a ticket since I am having issues downloading the CSV-file. Im sure I will get good help from the support. 


You are welcome!

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