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Fancy symbols in titels possible?⭐⭕⁉⌛

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)


@JacobBo, nice to have you here 💐

As we all know, fancy symbols, even a ☠ or a🦠, can be added to various fields, even thread titles.

@Claudiusproposal, to add a content filter, would work, but feels like sysiphus' work, as there is a huge and growing number of symbols.

It would be great to have an official character set, in which all characters that are allowed, are defined. Plus: turn on/off emojis in thread titles and other exposed content fields.

We noticed, that the technology is already available. In private messages V3, fancy symbols are not shown on all occasions, see image below showing the inbox. That piece of technology should become available for other content as well.




@JacobBoDo you think, it is useful and realistic a have a general setting to limit the character set? Communities are different. There are certainly some, where emojis of all kind are welcome everywhere - but there are also some, where a limited character set is needed.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Determining if it is useful is beyond my expertise level :).  But I do think the ability to limit it is interesting. Is there an Idea submission related to this yet?

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