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Feedback on Threading / Inline Replies

Our community has been granted early access to Threading / Inline replies. Yay! I have feedback on it - at least, on how it looks in my community. Not sure how much is skin-specific vs general.

I don't know where to send this feedback so I'm putting it here. Happy to move to a special Early Access group, if one exists, or email to the appropriate person & delete from here if needed. 

One bit of meta-feedback about the Early Access process... I had to go back and forth with support several times to even get this new feature functional. And I have no knowledge of who to give my feedback to or what is expected to be correct vs buggy in this early access version. So, not the best experience as an Early Access user.

But, I digress. Here are my initial impressions of the Threading / Inline reply feature. This is on our staging site, on a responsive community with a pretty lightweight skin.

(1) Lots of spacing oddities even on a very basic thread page (w/ just one reply). See screenshot



(2) Not sure if this reaction will be generally shared amongst my fellow community managers, but I am surprised and disappointed that the thread continues to indent after 1 level of indent. This feels very old-school. Seems that the new model (Facebook, Slack, WebEx Teams) is to create just one level deep of "sub-thread". Screenshot. 



(3) Looks bad on mobile; see screenshot for specifics



All of my complaints notwithstanding, I'm thrilled that Khoros is working on this!

I hope this feedback is useful.


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

This wasn't on my personal radar @JesseW-GD, but I'll work with the Atlas team here to see what we're seeing / hearing in our own implementation, and come back to you later this week.

As it pertains to whether that's already on the radar of our product team, I'll have to defer to @SohilM, though I've pre-configured a search for you which should let you keep track of current raised Ideas.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@JesseW-GD Thanks for bringing this up. It was deliberate to keep the subject as "Re: Title of the topic" in 'Email notifications and Activity page' to indicate that this post is a reply. As you already mentioned, users currently cannot edit the subject while replying. However, let me check on the old replies with different titles. 

Can you please provide more details what you meant by "browser tab"? 

Thanks for the reply @DanCr and @SohilM. Below is a screenshot what I mean by the title being different in the browser tab. This happens if you navigate directly to a reply (like you would if you clicked a link in the subscription notification) or use a permalink. 

Also, to clarify, I'm perfectly fine with the "Re:" part. It would be great if [topic title] was somehow a variable that could be updated when the topic title is updated so there isn't any confusion. Thanks again! 




Jesse - GoDaddy Community Manager
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thanks, @JesseW-GD. Got it; will log this issue. 


Curious if anyone has seen this. I'm making some minor cosmetic adjustments to each indented/threaded reply level, but there's something wonky with the css. This is OOB, by the way. I'd prefer to not rebuild this.

So, for the first and second reply-to message (threaded reply level 1 & 2), the following works just fine for styling.



.lia-threaded-detail-display-message-view .lia-thread-level-01

.lia-threaded-detail-display-message-view .lia-thread-level-02



In the HTML, each level follows logically, so .lia-thread-level-03, .lia-thread-level-04 and so on. The issue I'm seeing is that for level 03 and 04, it resets to 00, for 05 and 06 it resets to 01, for 07 and 08 it resets to 03, and for 09 and 10, it resets to 99... Here's a screencap of the html:


Am I missing something?


The lia-thread-level-XX CSS classes reflect the reply depth in a thread. If users on your community are replying to the original post message it is expected that the 00 depth is used. Only if they consistently use the reply to message feature to reply to messages it is expected that the depth continually increases.

You can see this in this very discussion here on Atlas as well: Every reply to a reply shows the "In response to YYYY" message detail, while replies to the opening message lack that.

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@SohilMis there an update about this log? We have had the same question for several years now, even from before the threaded option.

I hoped that enabling the threaded option would "resolve" this hazard work our moderators have to do. There was a mention that replies no longer have titles.

Current situation: now when you edit the top topic title, all reply titles need to be changed manually. If you don't do this, the old title remains alive on the reply level. Resulting in showing the old title in the 'new posts page' or in the bread crumbs when someone replies to a reply with an old title. So you are almost obliged to let the moderators change every reply title as well. Which is a lot of work when there are already pages of replies by the time the moderators are online.

The better functionality would be that if a topic title changes, all reply titles change automatically. I know there were already several ideas posted about this one, but so far no good news regarding any changes.

Suzy Vranken
Community Officer at Telenet

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