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Feedback on new "Node Message List (Preview)" component

I'm testing out the "Node Message List (Preview)" (Component ID: nodes.widget.activity) that's available with 19.9.

I have some feedback!

(1) It'd be nice if the component didn't include the title by default - e.g. "Board Activity" / "Group Hub Activity". This is just a waste of space because (a) it's obvious what it is, (b) this module - at least when used on an individual board - will typically come right below the title of a board, and (c) it brings Khoros terminology to the front in a way it doesn't need to - who really cares if this is a "Board" or a "Category".



(2) It'd be nice if displaying "Start a topic" (or start a blog post / TKB article) was a configuration option vs always showing up. On our boards, at least, this button is already there, and on our categories, we don't necessarily want people to start a topic without first diving into their board of choice.



(3) There's a lot of empty space in the module, due to the content preview not flowing underneath the "kudos" / "comments" section. Also, there is even more weird empty space when there isn't much content to preview, because the metadata (e.g. the board name / date of posting) seems to wrap with the size of the content preview.



(4) When displayed on a forum page, there's no need to display the board name within the metadata. That is obvious since it's on a single board (I know the release notes say "This component works best on the Category Page, Group Hub page, or Community Page." ...but why!? Seems like a super-useful module for a forum page, if just a bit of thought was put into some minor tweaks)



In sum... this module doesn't really seem ready for prime-time (except perhaps within its Group Hub main use case?), but it has a lot of potential and I hope it's given some more love.



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+1 - Agree with all of this.  As we're building more components ourselves in our Community, adding in parameters/flags to enable/disable pieces of the component has become critical to letting us build one yet reuse it in multiple places.  Throwing in a title=false, newTopic=false type of parameters to let us have more control would be awesome!


Agree with all of this. 

There are also two known bugs to point out: 

1. Hidden node messages are showing up in the feed

2. Posts are not in chronological order 



is it any parameters to add or remove to/from showing?

to show a mark for accepted solutions, to show how many views

to removed showing location (board), as mentioned here in discussions, we don't want to show the board if it's just on that board


I recently discovered a pretty major piece of this component that appears to be missing. When Bulk Processing is enabled, there are no checkboxes displayed, so you lose the ability to actually perform any bulk/batch actions.

Is "(Preview)" supposed to mean beta? As @CarolineS said last year:

This module doesn't really seem ready for prime-time...

Fortunately, it sounds like there's a workaround! Create a custom component to check if batch processing is enabled and if so, use a different display component to display the topics. If not, then display Node Message List (Preview) like normal.

If anyone wants the code to check the bulk setting, PM me. I haven't implemented it yet, so I don't want to share openly until I have time to test it 🙂.


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