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Fetching your product catalog file from AWS


Do you use the product catalog feature on your community and if so, is anyone hosting their xml file on an AWS server? How did you set up the connection between khoros and your AWS bucket?   
Thanks for your help! 

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@jennychiu1nyp I've worked with several customers to get their catalog sync set up, but I don't recall if they were using AWS specifically. I also wanted to share our dev doc to run the automated syncs. If you were not aware, that doc has some guidance on setting up the sync and the product catalog in our system. 

Happy to help, and please let me know if you need anything or have any additional questions. 


Khoros Product Team

Thank you for responding. @RayC How is the Community API v2 for product catalog? Are there any issues with it? I know the dev docs emphasized using the Product Importer Tool but I'm wondering if I should go the route of an API instead. There doesn't seem to be a way to fetch the XML from AWS if I'm just using the Product Importer Tool in the UI. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Our recommendation is to use the product catalog upload rather than APIs. A couple of additional things to consider:

  • The product catalog is the more performant option. Especially when uploading a large set of products or when the catalog is uploaded frequently, daily as an example with 40K+ products. 
  • If the s3 bucket is has a qualified URL and public access, then I believe it should work.
  • Additionally, we have customers who are sending us data in an alternative format that our services team transcribes into the format the product import can consume. This could be another option.

I hope that helps. 


Khoros Product Team

Thank you @RayC for your response. I'll relay this to my technical team and see what we can do from our end. 

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