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File Size Limitation

Why does Khoros allow attachments of up to 81MB, but our Community is limited to 75MB?

Does anyone else have a limitation under 81MB in their Community?

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I've always seen the default file size limit set to 5 MB. The documentation states the max is 75 MB. Limit the size of file attachments 

Maybe Support has made an exception for your community? 🤔


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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I believe we were able to reach out to Support to increase the file size limit to 75MB.  I don't think we were able to do this ourselves.  I feel it was shared the 75MB is the limit, but I'm curious if something has recently changed since Khoros now has an 81MB file attachment limitation.


Our community had been set to 10 MB. When I needed that maximum upped to 25 MB, I opened a support ticket to do so.

I should mention that the Byte values on the platform are in binary, not decimal. So 25 MB = 26214400 Bytes (not 25000000 Bytes). 81 is an oddly specific maximum, but I imagine it's due to a conversion error.

Easy conversion:

Community Manager \\ NetApp

I believe in the past I've asked for a much higher limit in the back end, via Support, and then we could set our own in admin (up to the back end limit, of course). As we needed to increase it, we could, without having to file another ticket to do least until we hit that upper max.

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

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