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Filtering content from the community in LSW



We are using Lithium both for our community and LSW
Currently we are only using LSW for Facebook and Twitter and not at all for our community


We are adding a new process on the community where cases that can't be helped by the community (Billing issue etc...) will be escalated to a customer care agent that will contact the member by private message.
The cases will be identified by our community managers that already browse through the forum with their activity.


We thought of a community manager saying in the subject something like "The community can't help you on this issue, someone will contact you in private message quickly".


So we'd like to find a way to use LSW by the customer cares agents for responding in private message on the community with the members that are escalated


Our issue is to isolate theses threads in LSW for the customer care agents


We thought of the CM moving thread in a dedicated board so we can define only this board to be feeding LSW but we would prefer keeping the threads in the categorized board for a better clarity of the community.
We also thought of the CM adding a tag or a label in the thread but it seems that LSW doesn't allow to filter on label or tag in the Lithium community definition. It has a specific definition of tag that any user could add in the subject if they see that adding theses words would help them being taken into account quiclkly. While the tag / label on the community can be allowed only to the community managers.


Do you have any ideas on how to proceed on this?


Eric Nissan

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@EricNissan one way to achieve that would be to increase the time to automatically escalate threads from community to LSW and enable manual escalation.

When your community manager needs to pass the threads to LSW, he will only have to click on the 'Escalate' button to send it into LSW. In LSW, your agent will be able to respond by private message.


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