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Filtering kudos by role

Hi everyone,

My team would like to assign a specific role to some of our team members (i.e role= employee). By doing this we are looking to see member stats filtered out by this role ( kudos received, solutions authored etc). We then would like to filter out any kudos given to members with this role by another specific member role (i.e moderators).

Is this possible with community analytics? 

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Khoros Expert

Hi Carla,  You can get to this information in Admin > Metrics > User Reports.

Run the report using the Role filter field and make sure that the Gross Kudos/Likes given column is added.

Hope that helps!


In Community Analytics have you tried playing with the Add a filter option in any of the available tabs?

So for instance I selected the Content tab/All Categories and using the filter option I was able to Filter by Role, not equals, [Staff role] and then you can apply that to whatever time period you want or drill down through the Content options for more granularity by content type and export a csv as needed. 

The filter dialog box also references this helpful Atlas doc 

Hope this helps your use case. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

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