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Finding Image Location from Image ID





I was looking to replace an image that is currently being used as a hyperlink/banner for a specific group hub to direct people to their team's external page, in the HTML of the embed we have been using in posts I was able to find the image ID and this path/tree, but looking through Community admin and Studio I haven't been able to locate where the original is. Does anyone have advice to locating assets based on IDs?

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This image is a graphic and not a photo, so I would imagine there isn't location based metadata within it. I was looking to swap this graphic for a new graphic, but can't find where the file is hosted within Community to actually replace it. In the Community Skins I found a lot of other assets, but they had named IDs and not a string of numbers like this one.

Khoros Staff

@jinxatter I believe this image has been uploaded by a user in their image gallery.  I'd look at the Group Owner user to see what images they have uploaded.

Get their user ID from their profile page and use this link as an example (replace the pink number with their user ID): https://YOURCOMMUNITYURL/t5/media/gallerypage/user-id/3800/tab/all

If it was uploaded within Studio > Community Style > Image Assets, it would have the relative path as shown:

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

@jinxatter Juliemaffei was a spammer and I have moved their comment to spam quarantine. 

Perfect, that's exactly the piece I was missing, thank you so much for that! I'll check around some users on that team, I had looked through the image assets in Studio but wasn't able to find the banner there, it makes a lot more sense that an individual had uploaded it and then the ID was just continuously referenced to embed the banner in subsequent posts.

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