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Finding an autosaved post

I was working on an article in a TKB and when I went to save it I got an authentication error. I've tried to find it in the TKB Dashboard > Drafts and TKB Dashboard > Unpublished tabs but it's not there. 

Anyone know any dark wizardry to find an auto-saved draft that's not showing up?

I'm a community admin with SDK and all privileges.

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Hi @Inactive User - if it was only autosaved, I don't believe it would show in the TKB Dashboard.

Do you have the My Drafts component on the user profile page? You should be able to find autosaved posts there.


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@Drive33 @Inactive User 

Are you facing the Authentication error always or was the session idle and you tried to save it after a while. 

If the draft was auto-saved, it would appear in the "My Drafts" component in profile page. 


Hi @Inactive User,

thanks for starting this discussion. Isn't it odd, that these authentication errors occur? If it is the behaviour, that we have, you're still logged in, but when saving or trying to see a preview (on postpage or replypage), the authentication error pops up.

@SohilMAre you investigating this authentication errors?

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@JuergenM It is indeed odd if you are still logged in and see such errors. We were unable to reproduce it in our core environments. Can you please raise a support case with more details: steps to reproduce, how often you see the issue and the environment details. We will investigate it further. 

Also, please message me the case id. 

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I'm also finding a solution for autosaved post.

@SohilM can you please explain the 'My Drafts' component? Is this a setting I need to turn on or where / how do I find that on profile page? 

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