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Finding our why members joined - what do you use?

I am looking for a quick and simple way to measure why members decided to join the community at the point of registration. 

I was recently looking at the poll feature and wondered if that could be added to the Complete my profile page with 3-4 options for people to share why they decided to join. There would be no previous results from other members shared as we would view the results privately. 

Has anyone ever done this to collect that data or found a simple way to capture this without too much development work? I'd rather not have a survey on the site and we don't yet have capability to follow up with surveys in post-registration emails. 

Thanks for reading. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava
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I would proceed with caution with that idea @elbranscomb. I think for most communities you need to make registration as quick and easy as possible. People typically come to the community with a specific problem and want to solve it as quickly as possible. If they see a number of hoops to jump through they might choose to go elsewhere. 

I would stronger consider exporting your users into a tool that can send out survey questions post-registration. We have been doing this annually since we began but are contemplating improving that system so that we send out a survey after a member joins and then subsequently on their anniversary each year. That way you can track over time the value that the community has offered to that member. 




We added a custom field on the post-SSO registration page (aka "Complete your Profile" page). This required a small professional services engagement (our 3rd party dev didn't have the access needed to add this field - pretty sure you wouldn't be able to add a poll there yourself, either). The data from the custom field is then available in the admin user report (you'll need to ask support to add the field as an available column in that report). Screenshots below!





Nice work @CarolineS. Is it mandatory to complete? If not, what's the take up?




@JasonHill It's mandatory. I didn't notice a drop-off in membership back when we added it (but, admittedly, I don't think I looked at that data super carefully :-))

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