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Flags cleared metrics

I realized that the number of flags cleared is way higher than the number of posts created by our moderators in the Moderator Activity report in LSI. How is "the number of flags cleared" measured and what does it mean compared to the number of posts created?


I'm looking for data that I can identify the most active moderators in our community.  

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Hi @Nari,


To clarify, all new posts by any community member will have a flag, not just moderators'.


The flag is cleared once a moderator/admin who has enabled the user setting "Clear moderation flag automatically when a message is read"  views the message. If you want ONLY moderators to clear the flags, you might want to make sure others with elevated permissions have the setting disabled under Settings > Preferences > Moderator


The only reason I can think of for the flag count to be higher than the total posts is if you have "Mark edited posts as not read by a moderator" enabled in your Admin Settings, under Discussion Styles > Posts & Discussions > Settings. This means any time a user edits a post, a flag is re-applied to indicate it needs to be reviewed again.


Depending on your moderation processes, it might also make sense to look at posts edited/admin notes, or even private messages received and sent, which you can get from User Reports.


Hope this helps!

Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Developer Community @ Neo4j
Also previously known as JulieH

Keep also in mind that depending on your settings Filter notices and abuse reports might count towards "Flags cleared", but not "Posts created".
You can workaround that, by only reviewing metrics for your public community categories, boards and exclude your moderation boards.
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Have navigation trails since changed in @JulieHamel's second paragraph of instructions? ( Settings > Preferences > Moderator)

I'm trying to look into my own settings at the Community Admin because as I go in and "clear flags," they don't clear. Is that normal? 

Hi @calebmt , I still see the option under my settings yourcommunityurl/t5/user/myprofilepage/tab/user-preferences:moderator  so if the box is checked, you should be clearing flags as you read the messages. If that is not the case I would suggest opening a case with Support.


Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Developer Community @ Neo4j
Also previously known as JulieH

Got it! Thanks a ton, @JulieHamel


@JulieHamel could you please confirm if each moderator warrants a flag cleared metric OR once a flag is cleared by ANY moderator it will be cleared? (little confusing, I know)....

...more detail: I have 2 moderators who are in charge of specific boards, the other day moderator 1 left and moderator 2 jumped in their board only to find most user posts still had the red flag. Is this due to it being a 'new' flag to. moderator 2 or should they all have been cleared if moderator 1 viewed them?  Thank you!! 

Hi @Finney0225 ,

The flag will be cleared by any moderator who reads the flagged post. Assuming both moderators have "Clear moderation flag automatically when a message is read" enabled, flags should be cleared for everyone if moderator 1 viewed them.

Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Developer Community @ Neo4j
Also previously known as JulieH

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