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Floated topic - how to remove dublicate?



I founded an idea from 2008, someone has raised idea to remove dublicate from floated topic.


What´s the situation at the moment - how to get rid of dublicate?


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As far as I know there isn't an option for that, although I would love it.


I played with the idea of using some javascript to hide it, but then you could end up with a topic listing that, if it has 5 stickies, would only show 15 additional topics and it might just look weird.


Ideally Lithium would implement an official option to hide "duplicates" of stickies and make the pagination act accordingly.

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Here's a pretty good explanation attempt on why floated topics are currently repeated within the chronological order:

And although the message is older it's still relevant. And hiding it within the chronological list will result in other confusing user experiences as well. E.g. a member who was engaging with the topic and then it got pinned will not find it listed any longer.

Also if the duplicate of the floated would be hidden on the first page of the forum board listing there would be some funky appearing/disappearing when it's just at the cut off to the second page: It would appear on page 2 of the board pagination, but on the first page you wouldn't see it in the list again.


I would recommend to set apart the floated item from the normal listing via styling. The purpose of floating a topic is usually to attract the first attention when landing on the board page, so it's worth evaluating having it stand out like an announcement box. Here's a quick CSS hack I applied on one of our test communities that is hiding the replies and view columns, removes the "latest reply" info and applies some background coloring. Compare it with the same entry a few topics further down:


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Thanks @ClaudiusH, I'll keep in mind that CSS hack.


But, how about if you have for example three topic and no more. And you want keep those topics in a certain order, even people are replying them order are same all the time.


Is it possible some how, some CSS hack?


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Renew the quote feature

New question to my old topic.

Admin --> Discussion styles --> Posts & topics --> Topics display --> Sort topics by

1) Time of most recent post

Every time some one replies to the floated topic it´s duplicate rose up and people can see the floated one and duplicate on same page. Confusing and look´s silly.

2) Original posting date

Now duplicate stays where it was before new post but at the same time it is difficult to follow discussions because you can´t easily see where are new posts, they can be on board page 1 or 37 and so on.


Is there is a way to prevent a duplicate from getting up whenever someone answers the thread?


My Ideas, please vote:

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Renew the quote feature

I agree, I also raised this a couple of years ago as it often looked like a duplicate post and would confuse people.  Appreciate the reasons why this happens but there must be a better way of doing it?

Crazy that this is still a thing. Lithium has been aware of this request for so long now. FWIW,  I add my +1 to get some movement on this. 

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