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Flush days rules

Hi All

Currently managing customer support via Social Media platform in one of the Telecommunication company. Hence, I have a question on the unattended post that we are unable to manage during any crisis days. What are the mechanism, setting or standard that we should follow or keep in our mind during the setting of Flushing of post after certain days. Is there any best practice or rules we can refer to?   

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hello @cmogen! Flush rates are determined by priority & tags,  P4/12 hours and P5/24 hours, I think tends to be the norm,

Route unwanted conversation to discard work queue is a great doc to read with a great discussion around flush rates. 

Also, feel free to reach out to your Khoros account team they can help you get the right settings in place!


Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @cmogen ,


If you have found the answer to be satisfactory, would you mind marking it as an accepted solution?



Dear Alley,

Thank you for your fast response but it seems like i do not have permission to view the link that you had shared Route unwanted conversation to discard work queue

Is there any other ways i could view this as i am interested in reading the document as well

Anyway, i am getting in touch with Khoros account team on the said matter as well to better understand and move forward with this.

Thank you for your assistance and support

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@cmogen I will reach out to your account team as well, and have them get you this information!

Allison (Alley) Fasching
Customer Solutions Director

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