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Force reset Community users' password

Hey folks,

So we are looking to set up Community profiles on behalf of some of our customers using the email address we hold for them in our own CRM (we have our reasons for this, but essentially to make it as easy as possible for them as they are in a very difficult personal situation). 

Means we choose the Username and their Password. 

What I'd like to do is then force a reset of this password so they receive the reset email and go in and change it themselves, so we no longer know what their password is. 

May seem strange, but I wondered if anyone knows how we can do this? 

Only way I can see is to login as the user and hit 'reset'. But I'm wondering if there's an easier way? 

Or perhaps we're going about this all the wrong way and someone has a better suggestion? 

I'm all ears... 

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How many accounts? 
if too many to do manually you can create new users via the apis, so just build a script to create a user on khoros for each crm record, this was you don’t need to worry about password as it’s not needed, then just trigger a password reset email for all users 

challenge though.... the reset email is only valid for a certain time you can change that time with a support ticket failing that you just send your own comms to all users with a call to action to the password reset page, they enter their email address and get an email with their username and a link to create a new password. 


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Not many, like in the 10s per month. And it'll be case by case. 

So the journey is we're already talking to this customer via telephony/whitemail and want to move them into Community Private Message to carry on the conversation. We don't have SSO or anything. 

So we'd confirm their email address via telephony/whitemail and then set them up a Community account. 

Then we'd want to reset their password.

That way they go into their email account, see the Reset email and follow it to change the password and login. 



Just a thought, you could use a generic username to set the accounts up with and then once the account is created, change the username. This normally generates a password reset email to the users email address. 



Ooo thanks, I'll try that journey - just anything that forces a reset once we've set it up for them. 


If I'm reading this correctly, you could also try a User Import. There's a few different options but I know of communities where they've done something similar with a partial invite user import, so it creates the account for the user, then send an email invite and they complete their Username/Password if I recall correctly. Details on the various approaches to user imports are here:

Manager, Community Engagement @ Workday


is it possible for an Admin anywhere to reset a user password?

The user was created as a new user with a password and email in Admin console.

Hi @irach15 ,


In the instance we run it's not possible, as we have it linked to another system using single sign on. I'm almost sure that it was possible to do it (logged in as an admin) while editing the personal settings within the user's profile settings. 

Would be worth having a look there. I wish I was able to have a look at our old set up to be able to say for definite. 

If not, then the other option as a workaround would be to get them to go down the "forgotten password" reset route


Hey @irach15 , yes as @Sorcha says you can reset a user's password as an Admin.

On the user's profile page you scroll to the bottom and "View / Manage this user's settings" then click  "Password" and you can reset from there. 

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