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Freemarker template processing failed

Hi, I'm pretty new to Lithium and not sure why I'm getting this error. Here's link I've also attached screenshot. A couple weeks ago under 'Community Structure' I removed one Category that was empty. This message seems to indicate that it's expecting that content 'Product News' to still be there. I checked the Category Page but don't see anything to indicate that I should remove something there. I also removed the Category on staging and pushed that earlier but that didn't fix it. On Chrome: I get a big ugly red box with an error message (see screenshot). In Microsoft Edge: it simply says 'This widget could not be displayed'.

Can someone point me in the direction of fixing this? Thank you!

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When you are logged in with Admin, you will see this error detailed message on community where error occur. For normal users they will only see 'This widget could not be displayed'.

After seeing screenshot of error messaage on your community, it showing that your category with id "product_news" is not available on production in the custom component "ProductNewsComponent".

Go to ProductNewsComponent custom component in your studio and remove this category id from the reference in your API.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

thank you Parshant! I found that custom component and that ID was referenced 14 times. Considering that we removed this category all together I tracked down the page template that contained the 'ProductNewsComponent' and just removed it from there. I had looked under Category -> Category Page but it wasn' there. This time I found the template under Custom -> CategoryPage.CN_Forums_Product. Your insight definitely helped.




Is there any way we can grant the ability to see the detailed error message without granting the user Admin access? Is there some sort of permission for this?

We have members working on our community that we do not want to grant access to "Admin", but we want them to see Freemarker error messages.

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