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Fun idea - avatar update contest


I thought I'd share a contest that's being really well received in our community - an avatar update contest! For this week only, we are giving our community members a chance to win some coveted swag by simply updating their avatar.

The logistics are simple: ask people to update their avatar from the default avatar, and then comment on the contest blog post to be entered to win. It's OK if they didn't actually JUST update their avatar, as long as it's not one of the default ones.

We have 216 responses so far! 

Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is wanting to get more customized avatars on their communities or is looking for a fun contest to get members back to their community.


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Love this idea!


Awesome idea. Hey @lolagoetz what do you think?

Oh also we did do an email blast to members to advertise the contest!

Nice! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering about how you'd communicated the contest.

Did you feature an alert as well on the community?

Would love to try something similar but with a Community with a global nature as ours, it's a challenge to get swag to users in certain countries.

Do you have a similar challenge?



Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

Hi @Wendy_S  -

We have a “community news” module that shows our latest announcements and contests and such on thread pages and on each board. This contest was one of the “community news” items. We don’t have “alert” functionality that I’m aware of (though I’m intrigued!)

Regarding swag / contests - we have a fairly restrictive list of countries that we ship to, and this list is linked to from each of our contest terms and conditions. It’s occasionally sad if we award a prize to someone who we can’t actually ship to, but it hasn’t happened often.


Hey @CarolineS 

It's custom content. 🙂

We have an alert up on our German community.


As you can see, the alert is visible on all pages within the community.


Our developer Oscar can speak to the technical implementation if you want or I think our awesome Grazitti team may know as well, right @Parshant 




Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

@CarolineS  This is an amazing idea! Great to get the users more engaged in the community! Have you seen an increase in activity since the contest? 🙂 

We got a lot more custom avatars at least! Not sure it caused an ongoing uptick in activity, but we like to engage people on easy / fun stuff so they are more likely to think of us when they do have a question. 🙂 - and to reinforce our community as a fun and friendly place!

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