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Functionality within a Group Hub to determine downloads?

Hey everyone,

On our community, we have a number of closed and private group hubs for users.  We are considering creating another closed/private group hub with highly confidential information, that would require some additional functionality - namely - the ability for us to "capture' which users downloaded files from within this private group.

The files that will be available for members to download will reside outside the community (preferably), and I'm curious if anyone has created a solution for identifying the members within a private group who have "clicked --> downloaded" files from within a highly confidential group hub?  My initial thoughts would be:
1. attach a unique identifier for each file and when clicked on would generate an API call and auto-capture the username.
2. Prior to downloading any file, a user would be required to select a "check box" confirming their awareness of the file being confidential, and that clicking of the "check box" would again create a dB entry with the username.
3. Similar to 2 above, upon the user clicking to download a file, a pop-up would appear requiring the user to accept.  Similar to 2 above, it would create a dB entry.


Has anyone created or resolved a similar scenario?

Thanks all,


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