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Future-Dating a Forum Post

I  noticed that it's possible to create a future date for a blog post, but am I right that you can't future-date a forum post? I went into the Admin but I don't see that this feature is something that can be turned on.  Did I miss something?






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@mbritt: By Default Lithium provided Future Date options on for Blogs. The Future Date option is not available for the Forums.


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Hi @mbritt   Yes, there is no such setting in the admin section. But if you are interested, you can do it using API.  You just need to put it(update board id and author login) in the component, save it and your post will be posted on a future date. 

<#assign subject = "Test Article" />
<#assign body = "Here is test article" />
<#assign post_time = "Dec 06, 2017 06:30:40 PM" />
<#assign post_time = post_time?datetime />
<#assign author = "michael_britt"/> <#-- forum post--> <#assign addBlog = restadmin("boards/id/products/messages/post?message.body=${body?url}&message.subject=${subject?url}&${author}&message.post_date=${post_time?iso('UTC')}") />
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