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Gamification @ Category level



can we create Gamification @ Category level?

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@rpanda2007 - That is a very high-level question which you have asked, too broad.  Could you elaborate a bit more what exactly you are looking for and what do you mean gamification at the category level? Do you mean to show it or trigger it?


Some links that might help you to get started on the gamification:


I hope this helps.

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Via Lithium's "category expert" feature community members can earn points on a category level and unlock category expert ranks. Take a look at the best practice article here on this feature in comparison with other ways to recognize topical expertise:

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This is currently a bit of a weakness in the platform. I wouldn't recommend implementing category expert functionality - it's an old feature that never worked reliably in my experience and Lithium have since invested in the premium gamification offering (badges) instead. But at present the badge metrics are only community-wide, it would be great to have more granularity and flexibility with badges. 


See and for a couple of enhancements I would like to see to allow you to reward specific behaviour on specific boards. 




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