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Getting email bounce backs for community notifications

Happy Monday!

So, we have an email address for the community, it's not anyones work email. 

We are getting a handful of emails that bounce back due to what I've figured out is people no longer working at their job (I run a B2B community) where SSO is required and uses a work email. 

While assuming is not ideal, my hunch is most people who've left their job will have very low interest in coming back to the community - or may not even be able to given we use SSO. 

Anyway, I was looking for ideas on how to handle those users. 


  • Assume their profile and unsubscribe them from the things they are getting emails about
  • Move them to a new group where perhaps notifications are turned off
    • They may return with a new company and could perhaps retain any status they had before they left
  • Delete their account



Community Manager at AppDynamics
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Hi Ryan,


How are you currently handling the accounts of former employees? Do you update their role/rank using SSO or manually?

For instance, in my community, we don't really promote the idea that you can continue to use your account after you leave the company. Employees are moved into a "Former employee" role once they leave and all other roles are removed. They also are granted a rank that is associated with the former employee role. With my setup, if the issue you are encountering were to occur, I would try disabling the subscription permission for the role. If the user did decide to continue using their account and they were to update their email address, they would receive the Customer role and would be able to have subscriptions again.

Is there something similar you can do with your setup?


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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It looks like we have a 'role' created for former employees. Most of this inbox is flooded with one particular user (who is not an employee, but I assume left his job and his work email is no longer in service hence the bounce backs). 

I checked the permission of the Alumni group we created and all the subscription features are turned off, yet we get some bounce back emails from this email (one came in this morning). 

Something for me to look into I guess is knowing when someone has left their job and needs to be moved into a use role where permissions are cut back.

Perhaps some email that triggers if a member is inactive over a 3 month period or something. 

edit: For the one employee i saw getting bounce backs, they were still part of the "normal" member role as well as the alumni role. Those two have clashing permissions. 

Community Manager at AppDynamics

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