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Giving users the ability to see other users' emails

Is it true that the only way to let users see another user's email, or to search based on, say, email domain, is to give them both the View user reports in Admin Metrics and the Manage roles, user bans, and abuse notifications permissions? I just don't get that bundling. There are tons of use cases where it's important that some special user (say Product Managers) who isn't an admin and shouldn't be able to change user details might want to know what company a user making a comment or idea is from.

Am I missing some way of letting some roles see where users are from?

If not, and you agree this is important, please vote for my idea (if it's accepted)!

I'm the Community Manager at SailPoint's B2B identity governance community, Compass.
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Please add your vote and comments to


It's something we've been requesting for a long time....



As with most permissions, I would love to see the permissions around moderation / user info un-bundled.

As a workaround, we had a customization created for the user profile page that displays the user's contact information. It is only visible to users with the employee role in our community.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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