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Glossary of component ids and text keys

Hi all,


Is there anywhere I can find some sort of glossary/index of core component IDs and text keys please?


For example, I am trying to override the labels and urls of some of the common.widget.user-navigation component and cannot find anything in the documentation or knowledge base.


Thanks in advance for any help!




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Hi @james_whiteley,


take a look at this page. There you'll find some information and PDF files for all components.

For text keys you could use the "Show Text Keys" function from Studio:


Studio > Text Editor > Advanced > Show text keys


Afterwards, reload your community and all texts will be replaced by their text key.




Hi @cike,


Thanks very much, exactly what I was looking for!!



Hi ya'll!


I love the "Show text keys" tool - but I'm having trouble finding the text key for one element that's only shown when you're not logged in - the "Sign in" link in the top right. Does anyone know what that key is?



Here you go @CarolineS - 


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Hi Team,


how to changed the text-key of ootb component on custom page?

 i have two category page (one ootb and another one is custom) on both pages use same component bt client want two different name.

Is it possible?

@savalemilind - You can use scoped text keys for this. Take a look at this article. In your case something like this should make it:


Syntax: @page:<page ID>
Example: Define text for a button label when viewed on the Group Invites Page
form.BulkUsers.action.Submit.title@page:GroupInvitesPage = Add to Invite

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