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Government Accessibility Requirements

Hey- does anyone have any experience making their Community meet the Government Accessibility Requirements? If so, did you get resources on your side to help implement? Overall experience? Thanks! 

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Khoros Staff

Hi @Finney0225,  

A good UI experience is inclusive for all users and we are committed to addressing accessibility issues. 

We have an automated Accessibility Testing framework that will conduct a scan of every Community release & report the health against the guidelines laid down by WCAG for supporting differently-abled users. In the scan report, any open issues are classified as either Critical/Serious/Moderate/Minor, as per WCAG criteria.

Treated on par with UI defects, we are committed to addressing any Critical & Serious a11y issues in the upcoming releases. 

Hope it helps.

- Khoros Product Team



@Finney0225 We work with a client on that topic. There are some things that can be done relative easy and quick, others require more work. It also depends on the level of customization and if custom components and elements are designed and developed accordingly. Over all to have the full WCAG 2.0 (A, AA or even AAA) it can be a lot of work if even possible. 

and what I forgot there is also a lot of potential by providing operational guidelines to (internal) content creators e.g. naming pictures etc. 

Thanks! How would I get a scan report of my Community?

Khoros Staff

Hi @Finney0225 Sure, will share with you a report of our latest release. BTW, the report is on the out-of-the-box release and not specific to a Community instance. 

I have experience on this topic in working with an outside agency.  Happy to talk offline anytime. 

Hi @Finney0225 there is a bunch of tools and extensions e.g. this chrome extension: and many other tools e.g. where you can make a quick check and go from there. 



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