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Grant employees visibility to user email addresses

Hello, I'm looking for a way to grant a specific role visibility into user email addresses. From what I've gathered, this permission would allow visibility into those email addresses in a user search, but it also allows the person searching visibility into the users' IP addresses, which is a security risk that my organization is unwilling to accept. 

Is there any option to only enable email visibility?



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We need this too for our internal users. 

Our internal users (role = "Employee") badly need to be able to find each other based on email address.



I set up a role that was added to our user profile hovercards and profile page that exposes a user's email address. It doesn't solve for not being able to search, but it's a small win until something better comes along.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Ah good idea. 

Right on about not being a solution, but it is a win.  Thanks for sharing. 

You have to be an Administrator I believe to be able to see this.

We had our engineer set it up so that this is visible to folks with the "Employee" role in various locations though, such as the Group membership request page or profile page.

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