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Granting a user access to and old account via a new email

Hi all - I've got a user who created an account via google and now needs access to that account via a new email as they have switched company.

I know this is a topic that has been covered before but I must be missing something because I just can't seem to make it work! 

I have attempted to use the steps described here and on the admin page itself but to no avail - here was the process I tried:

I identified two test accounts, both of which I had access to the email for.

Test account 1 has email and SSO ID 1234, test account 2 has email  and SSO ID 4321

I appended 'dupe' to the SSO id for test account 1 (making it's id 1234dupe) and altered the SSO ID of test account 2 to '1234'.

The expected result was that attempting to log in using test account 2 '' would infact log me into test account 1. The actual result is that logging in with test account 2 triggers a new registration, and now I have a third account, with the same email as test account 2, and a brand new SSO ID.


Any ideas or help much appreciated. 

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I think I understand what the issue is. 

In order for test account 2 to log in as test account 1 the SSOID of the new account needs to be associated with the old account. So when the credentials of test account 2 are used it is linked to test account 1.

So the workflow should be I think:
- Change test account 2 SSOID to 4321_dupe
- Add 4321 from test account 2 as SSOID for test account 1 replacing 1234
- Try logging in again using the credentials for test account 2

Senior Community Manager | Strava

This was exactly it - thank you very much! 

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